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Welcome to Budgerigar 'Rare' and Specialist Exhibitors of Australasia!

We are an Australian & World Wide Organisation, specialising in the keeping and breeding of Budgerigars.

We focus on the “Rarer” Varieties and Dark Factor Colours, including the “Miniature Budgerigar”, “Aussie Bush Budgie”, “ Birds of Colour”,  The International COM Birds of Colour, and Pet Budgerigars of all types and colours.

For the one Annual Fee you can be involved with all forms of Specialist Budgerigars varieties and colours – Clearwings, Crests, Pieds ( Dominant Banded, Dutch , Frosted, Recessive, Dark Eyed Clear, Clearflight Continental and Australian, Double Factor ) Bush Budgies, Miniatures and Birds of Colour – all the Rares under one roof as part of the Association of Specialist Budgerigar Societies

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