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BRASEA has developed the “BRASEA PIED” which includes all the well known pieds we have, rather than just the one or two classes under a heading of Variegated Pied – we do not recognise this class and do not include it in our Schedules for Shows but we do include all the recognised Pieds and their styles ….

“The BRASEA Pieds“

  • The Australian Dominant Pied ( aka Banded Pied )
  • Clearflighted Pied ( Continental – yellow or white tail feathers or Australian one or both tail feathers can be black or the other feather yellow or white )
  • Frosted Pied
  • Recessive Pied – or Harlequin Pied
  • Double Factor Dominant Pied
  • Dark Eyed Clear
  • Dutch Pied
  • AOV Pied – for any other including Lacewing Pieds, Fallow Pieds, etc …..

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