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Important Auction Information

Warren Wilson
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Coming Auctions

Bexley School of Arts
472-476 Forest Road

Strathpine Community Centre
Mecklem Street, Cnr Gympie Road
Strathpine Brisbane Queensland

Auction Dates

  • 2020 - October 18th Bexley
  • 2021- July 25th Strathpine Qld
  • 2020- November 29th Sydney Lawn Show
  • 2021- July 24th Brisbane Lawn Show

** Later Dates 2022 onwards, are available on request

Subject to change and the requirements of the service

General Information All commissions from the auctions will support the Budgerigar Rare and Specialist Exhibitors programmes

Invitations are extended to Breeders of Exhibition Budgerigars to enter surplus quality birds in our Auctions.

Please contact us advising how many lots to reserve in your name - Rare varieties preferred ....... but all others will be accepted......

We will have copies of the full catalogue on the web under "Auctions" which you can down load, by mail or in hard copy at the venue..

Remember you can use Libraries or Internet Cafes for downloading anything on the Web site.... if you are not online yourselves.....

Auction View Times

The viewing time will start at 8am - doors open for Vendors only at 7am
The Auctions will start at 9am

PLEASE READ the Catalogues carefully so you are aware of the times in case we change back to the original times

Auctions commence: 9:00am

"Vendors Have The Right To Bid On Their Own Birds"


Rules of the Auction
  • Each person attending the auction will be required to register as they go into the auction rooms. The registration form will require your name, postal address, phone number and signature and identification of same. Each person will then be given a bidders number. If you successfully purchase any of the lots, you will be required to give the bidder's number to the auctioneer, to enable the auctioneer's clerk to prepare your receipt for payment.
  • Each lot will be sold to the highest bidder. Persons unfamiliar with auction practices should ensure that their bids are correctly acknowledged by the auctioneer. It is suggested that bids are called out, or that if a certain bid is called for, that the intended purchaser raises his/her bidder's number in the air to attract the auctioneer's attention for this bid. It is not recommended that you rely on the old nod of the head or wink of the eye to catch the auctioneer's attention for a bid. Standard auction procedure will be followed in the event of disputed bids as outlined in the auction conditions.
  • Payments for Lots will be by Cash, Bank Cheque, Visa, Mastercard. Union Card, Money Order, Debit Card or EftPos ( Visa & Mastercard incur a 5% admin fee added to the amount ). Unfortunately, personal cheques cannot be accepted for payment of purchase on the day, unless prior arrangements are made with either Warren Wilson, Jean Painter, Bruce Bradford, Steve Wackwitz, Jamie Wright, Norm Gillingham, Wayne Robinson Personally.
  • Successful purchasers of lots will be required to take their purchases with them at the end of the day, after they have paid for their purchases. Proof of payment will be a receipt from the cashier. You will be required to take your carry boxes or cages and your receipt to the lot collection clerk and produce your receipt. The show cages containing each of the lots you have purchased will be collected and placed in front of you at the point of collection. You will be required to remove the bird/s in each lot from the show cage and transfer it/them to your own caging facility. The vendor, his ague, the auctioneer or any of his staff will not be touching the birds. It is the sole responsibility of each purchaser to handle their own birds on collection.
  • Cameras, recording equipment, judging sticks and carry cages will not be allowed into the auction room or inspection area. Carry cages, clearly marked with the owner's name, may be placed in a designated area for collection after payment is made. The birds must not be interfered with or subjected to judging sticks, pens or similar objects.
  • If necessary the organisers reserve the right to make any alterations, additions or deletions to this catalogue.
  • Absentee Purchaser

Facilities are available for persons, unable to attend the auction, wishing to purchase birds. However, such persons must make private arrangements for their purchases to be collected from the hall on completion of the action as the organisers, will not be responsible for delivering or transporting birds purchased to the purchasers. Full arrangments must be made with Warren Wilson, Jean Painter, Bruce Bradford, Jamie Wright, Steve Wackwitz, Greg Horrobin, Norm Gillingham and Wayne Robinson

The procedure of absentee purchases is as follows:

You write to the organisers (BRASEA) and indicate which lot or lots you wish to purchase and to what limit you wish to go for that lot. "BRASEA" will then bid on your behalf up to and including your limit, if the bird is knocked down at a figure below your limit, that will be the price you pay for the lot. Payment for these birds however, must be paid in advance. You can send a personal or bank cheque to "BRASEA" at least seven days prior to the auction for the total amount you wish to spend. The agent will lodge your cheque in the trust account whereby it will be cleared prior to the auction. A trust account receipt for the full amount will be forwarded to you on receipt of your cheque. The total value of any successful purchases made on your behalf by the agent will be deducted from the sum held and any credit balance forwarded to you with an itemised list of those lots you have successfully purchased. Any Variation to these arrangments must be made with Warren Wilson prior to bidding.


New Conditions for Selling >>

Auction - Terms and Conditions of Sale
  • Subject to the vendor having the right to bid, the highest bidder shall be the purchaser, and in the event of any dispute arising the lot in dispute shall be put up again and the auctioneer's decision shall be final.
  • After the fall of the hammer no party will be allowed to retract his or her bid.
  • The auctioneer reserves the right to accept or refuse any bid or birds without having to state any reason or reasons thereof.
  • Prior to the commencement of the auction each intended bidder shall complete a registration form and shall receive a bidder's number. On the fall of the hammer the purchaser shall display to the auctioneer his/her bidder's number.
  • The purchaser/s may collect their purchase/s before the end of the auction by:
    • taking the sale slip for the auctioneer's assistant to the cashier;
    • pay for the purchase and have slip/s endorsed for payment by the cashier;
    • proceed to the allocated collection point with own carrying cage and evidence of purchase;
    • under the supervision of the official, transfer the purchased bird/s to their own carrying cage.
  • "BRASEA" acts as an agent only in respect of the goods to be auctioned and is not responsible for any faults or defects in any lot. Warren Wilson, Jean Painter, David Wilson, Bruce Bradford, Steve Wackwitz, Jamie Wright, Peter Schellbach and Greg Horrobin are the sole "BRASEA" representatives and their decisions are binding and final.
  • Intended purchasers must satisfy themselves as to the origin, age or condition of any lot in which they may be interested.
  • The Organisers have the right to withdraw or substitute any lot or combine any two or more lots at their sole discretion.
  • The buyers taking delivery of the goods shall be conclusive evidence that the same are in satisfactory order and condition and fit for the purposes of which they are required.
  • Payment for goods on the day shall be by bank letter of credit, cash, visa, mastercard, or money order unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • If any successful bidder shall fail to pay for their purchases on the day, the vendor or his agent has the right to resell the lot in any manner they think proper.
  • All lots must be removed at the completion of the sale.
  • Any birds accepted by the organisers after the production of the catalogue will be listed on a supplementary sheet listed on the Web Site and available on registration at each auction.
  • Any scratchings are to be advised to the organisers prior to 8:30am auction day.
  • In all other respects the decision by the "BRASEA" organisers will be binding and final.
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