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To encourage the Public / Pet / Home Breeders we are having Classes for birds from members and non members who understand only Colours

Visitors and members are asked to bring their birds in any cage ( please do not overcrowd any cages ) along and we will sort them into Major Groups

  • Group 1 Greens
  • Group 2 Blues ( Not Grey or Violet )
  • Group 3 Grey
  • Group 4 Violets or Violet Factors
  • Group 5 Yellows
  • Group 6 Whites ( predominantly White )
  • Group 7 Multi Coloured or Pied – more than one body colour
  • Group 8 Rainbow or Triple Coloured Bird
  • Group 9 Any Variety of Budgerigar
  • Group 10 Any bird that does not fit a class above

We will be checking the numbers in classes and will divide big numbers in any classes into a, b, or c sections for ease of judging

Certificates will be awarded for each Group plus a Best Bird Prize


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